Clinic Tour




In order to serve our clients better, the clinic built a new multi-function reception in a new section of the building. The three reception stations enhance our efficiency, and allow for courteous and fast customer service while maintaining the level of comfort thanks to its large size. The display cases are stocked with items for your pets, including food, shampoo, toys, treats and much more. In addition, in order to accommodate individuals with reduced mobility, we have installed an access ramp at the main entrance to the clinic.

Waiting Room

The waiting room, which is adjacent to the reception area, features comfortable seating that allows animals a reasonable amount of space in order to avoid close contact with other animals. There is also a spacious washroom off the waiting room that is large enough for individuals with reduced mobility and owners with larger animals. A water fountain, clean bowls and free treats are available for your pets. Clients also have access to magazines and there are toys for children to play with.

Examination Room

The clinic has 4 consultation rooms available for routine examinations, specific clinical problems or medical follow-ups.

Consultation rooms

The clinic has 4 consultation rooms available for routine examinations, specific clinical problems or medical follow-ups. The technician will invite you into one of these rooms to discuss the reason for your visit, and the veterinarian will come in to examine your animal and continue the consultation. Two of the rooms are equipped with stairs leading to the examining table so that your dog can climb up.

Comfort Room

This private room is conducive to serious discussions, making informed and weighty decisions and delicate medical procedures. The peaceful atmosphere allows you to converse comfortably, in the company of your pet. This room was designed especially to provide a sense of intimacy for those who need it.

Accommodation Rooms

The clinic includes indoor, outdoor, kennel and feline accommodation only as well as a sanitized isolation room for any kind of need.


This room is reserved exclusively for cats. It is located on the second floor, where it is quiet. It features everything your cat could need, and the large window affords a nice view of the outdoors.

Indoor Enclosures

With 4 indoor enclosures, the clinic can accommodate dogs of all sizes. Every spacious cage is equipped with a rubber carpet that is comfortable and easy to clean, full walls that prevent contact with other animals and a grated door that allows our staff to monitor the animals at all times.

Outdoors Enclosures

In the indoor enclosure area is a door that give access to 2 outdoor enclosures. Covered with a protective roof, on a concrete platform and a extremely resistant fence, this area allows dogs to enjoy a little moment outside safely.


The clinic features a second room that includes several cages and additional enclosures to comfortably accommodate animals for short stays. This room is ideal for nervous animals, because it is located in the basement, in a very quiet area.

Isolation Room

As the name suggests, this room is used to house contagious animals, such as those affected by parvovirus, panleukopenia or kennel cough. A strict disinfection protocol is observed in order to keep the premises aseptic.

Treatment Room

They include dentistry for the oral health of your animals, a surgery room, a laboratory for testing and a pharmacy to provide you with the best medicines for the welfare of your pet.

Surgery Room

This crucial room allows the veterinarians and their teams to perform surgery with access to state-of-the-art equipment. The Clinique Vétérinaire Cowansville stands apart for our acquisition of a laser device that allows us to perform superior-quality surgeries. This room is also equipped to allow for monitoring the vital signs of an animal under anesthesia and has top-quality rehydration therapy equipment.


The clinic is equipped with a mobile dentistry device, like you would find at your dentist, along with a dentistry table that allows the animal to be properly positioned while under anesthesia so that the water used to clean the teeth runs under the table where it won’t get the animal wet and cold. The room also contains a new device: a digital dental radiograph unit. This device is a great help to diagnose the condition of the teeth and to better target the necessary interventions.

Treatment Room

The treatment room is a space design with includes one fix exam table and one retractable exam table to give more space for more specifics manipulations. It has multiples cages and hooks to be able to keeps animals under observation during their hospitalization and post-operation awakening period. Technicians have a direct access to everything they need to give care to animals that are either in observation, hospitalized or in intensive cares.

The Lab

The laboratory at Clinique Vétérinaire Cowansville has all of the equipment needed to analyze urine samples, stool samples, collected skin scrapings and perform urinary culture and basic blood analysis. In addition, for more complex problems (severe, specific), we work closely with external laboratories staffed by veterinary specialists that provide us with exceedingly accurate and rapid results, all for the purpose of obtaining the proper diagnosis.


The pharmacy is a space that is dedicated to a large number of categorized prescription medications and a counter for preparing the prescriptions issued by veterinarians.