Veterinary Examinations

Clinique vétérinaire Cowansville offers both routine and emergency veterinary examinations during our normal hours of operation. An emergency exam may be necessary if your pet suddenly becomes sick, doesn’t eat for more than a day, ingests a foreign/toxic substance or if they suffer an accident or injury. Routine examinations are generally annual exams that give us a chance to monitor your pet’s health, check that everything is in order and ensure that they are doing well.

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Why are routine exams important?

Veterinary examinations form the core of preventative care. They give our vets the opportunity to regularly examine your pet and quickly detect any abnormalities. These routine visits are also a great time to ask our staff any and all questions you may have. Your vet can use these visits to track your pet’s weight and give you advice on diet, vaccinations and antiparasitic treatments.

What happens during a veterinary examination?

All consultations start with a meeting between technician and owner to identify the problem and take the patient’s medical history, vital signs and weight. Next, the veterinarian will perform a thorough examination of your pet. After this assessment, your vet will go over your pet’s condition in detail and recommend any necessary tests or procedures.

We have four exam rooms for consultations and a separate room for more difficult moments and meetings without animals.

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