Parasite Prevention and Treatment

At Clinique vétérinaire Cowansville, we believe that anti-parasitic treatments are the best way to protect your cat or dog against parasites like fleas and ticks. Despite their tiny size, these parasites can cause your pet a great deal of discomfort and can transmit worms or diseases through their bites. Parasite treatments repel these parasites, and greatly reduce the risk of your pet getting them.

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How do I know if my pet has fleas or ticks?

Pets that have fleas will often scratch or lick themselves more than usual. It is sometimes possible to spot the fleas themselves, but more commonly you will see their droppings in your pet’s fur.

You can conduct a simple flea-detecting test at home by placing a piece of white paper under your pet when they are standing up. Rub their coat vigorously and observe if any small brown or black specks fall onto the paper. If so, spray them with a bit of water. If a small reddish ring appears around the specks, it is probably flea excrement. Their droppings are red because they contain your pet’s blood.

Ticks are usually visible because they are larger than fleas and swell as they feed on your pet’s blood. On the other hand, ticks can expertly hide on long-haired or dark-coloured animals. You will need to check your pet’s coat carefully, paying particular attention to the face and leg areas. Make it a habit to do a quick check by brushing or feeling your dog’s coat after walks.

Why are parasites dangerous?

Parasites can transmit worms and diseases to pets. Their initial effects will be mild or non-existent, but they can make your pet very sick later on. Your pet can also spread the fleas to you, allowing them to infest your home. Fleas can settle on your couches, blankets, rugs and cushions. You will have to treat your entire home to get rid of them.

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