Accomodation rooms



This room is reserved exclusively for cats. It is located on the second floor, where it is quiet. It features everything your cat could need, and the large window affords a nice view of the outdoors.

Indoor enclosures

With 4 indoor enclosures, the clinic can accommodate dogs of all sizes. Every spacious cage is equipped with a rubber carpet that is comfortable and easy to clean, full walls that prevent contact with other animals and a grated door that allows our staff to monitor the animals at all times.

Outdoor enclosures

In the indoor enclosure area is a door that give access to 2 outdoor enclosures. Covered with a protective roof, on a concrete platform and a extremly resistant fence, this area allows dogs to enjoy a little moment outside safely.


The clinic features a second room that includes several cages and additional enclosures to comfortably accommodate animals for short stays. This room is ideal for nervous animals, because it is located in the basement, in a very quiet area.

The isolation room

As the name suggests, this room is used to house contagious animals, such as those affected by parvovirus, panleukopenia or kennel cough. A strict disinfection protocol is observed in order to keep the premises aseptic.