The routine consultation

Consultations begin with a meeting between the animal’s owner and the technician to discern the problem, take the patient’s medical history and record vital signs and weight. The consultation continues with the veterinarian. Regardless of the medical problem, the veterinarian will conduct a complete examination. At that time, the veterinarian will explain the animal’s health condition, the required tests and the recommended procedures.

You are encouraged to ask the technician or the veterinarian any questions you may have.

We have 4 examination rooms and a special room for difficult moments or for meetings without animals.

Emergency consultation

The life of an animal is filled with small emergencies. Please note that during the day the clinic treats emergencies related to accidents, poisoning, injuries, caesarean sections, encounters with porcupine quills, ingestion of foreign objects, animals in shock, convulsions and much more.

House calls

Your animal doesn’t like to travel? You would like that your animal spends his last moments at home with you? This is why we offer house calls. We understand that some patients or owners need this type of service for a variety of reasons, such as too many animals to travel with, transportation problems, euthanasia, etc. A veterinarian will come to your house to do what needs to be done. If tests are necessary, the samples can be taken on site to be sent to the laboratory after. Please note that you should expect a delay of at least 24 to 48 hours for a house call appointment.

Preventive medecine

We will be delighted to provide you with advice concerning preventive medicine, such as preventing intestinal parasites, fleas, ticks, heartworm, dental care, etc …