Our Services


The clinic offers a consultation service of several types including routine, emergency and house calls. It also offers a preventive medicine service to prevent illness or injury as well as therapeutic laser for the treatment of inflammation and management of some skin problems and wounds.


Whether it is routine surgery, specialized surgery, orthopedic surgery, general or local anaesthesia, laser surgery or dentistry, the clinic will satisfy your most demanding requirements.

Radiography and Echography

Thanks to digital technology, our veterinarians are able to make an even more precise diagnosis when the problem is internal.


Laboratory analysis can be a key element in the diagnosis of a patient. Several type of analyzes are available to quickly determine a treatment for your pet.


The clinic can offer advice on the food your pet needs to keep it fit and healthy, preventing illness or help with weight loss which ever is needed.


The grooming service includes several aspects related to the hygiene of your pet such as nails trimming or ear hair removal. All manipulations are carried out by a qualified technician.