Appointment conduct

  • Present yourself at the time of your appointment. If you arrive ahead of time, we might ask you to wait outside.
  • Only one person per consultation is authorized. Exception can be made if you are in need of assistance or are accompanied by younger kids
  • Upon arrival, a staff member will greet you at the reception. If the door is locked, just wait a moment. We will allow you inside as soon as we can answer you.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash and cat must be in a transporter.
  • After validating your coordinate and open your visit, you will be installed in an examination room or in the waiting room. We are requesting that you stay on the pet owner side of the examination table.
  • Dogs will be weighted at the reception and cats in the consultation room.
  • A technician will come to get the historic of your animal.
  • Your animal will be brought into another room to be examined in order to respect physical distancing.
  • The veterinarian will come to explain is founding and recommendations after the examination.
  • Your animal will be brought back to you by the technician who will give you the last recommendations.
  • You will then be directed to the reception for the payment. We are asking that you stay on the sticker on the floor until the receptionist is available to answer you.

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