My cat have ticks!

My cat have ticks!

Until now, the only products available for cats to prevent against ticks were collars and treatment that contained permethrines and pyrethrins which were repulsing ticks but were also toxic for cats.

For the longest time we listened to representative talking about products that were available in other countries (mostly Europe and the United States) but not offered in Canada since they weren’t certified by Santé Canada.

After years of waiting, a company finally got its approbation for a safe tick killer product.

This product goes into the blood stream. It is then ingested by the tick during its meal and which will die within hours. It is not repulsive but still kills the tick before she reproduces.

Since it goes circulate in the blood, it needs to be prescribed. Therefore, a check-up done in the past year or a prescription filled out by your regular veterinarian is mandatory to be able to get it.

Contact us if you would like to know more about this product and if it is a good treatment for your cat!


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