A case of dog heartworm

A case of dog heartworm

Contrary to the popular belief and even if we are in a low-risk area for heartworm, it is still possible to get contaminated without going out of the country.

In June, we had a positive case detected by a test that we call a Snap 4Dx. This test, on top of testing for Lyme disease antigen, it test for heartworm antigen.

The Snap 4Dx that was initially done to see if the dog had Lyme disease turn out to be positive for heartworm even is the dog had no symptoms. The dog in question never went out of Quebec. It therefore caught it here, in Quebec.

Heartworm is a parasite transmitted by mosquitoes. The mosquito get infected by feeding on an infected animal. The larva, once transmitted, is carried into the large blood vessels surrounding the heart and lungs. If it migrates in the heart, it can cause symptoms of heart problems. It can even lead to the death of the animal in more severe cases.

It is possible to treat an infected animal, but it’s a long process that can sometimes be expensive and needs to be done under veterinarian supervision in most cases.

A lot of different preventive solution against heartworm are available.

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